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Hot New Membership – WordPress Niche Blogs

I’m seriously blown away (and I’m not easily impressed) by the value in this offer! Karl and Anthony have got all the bases covered here.

I can take these awesome-looking blogs right out of the “box” and use them. That alone is worth more than the asking price!

But to have all the extras these guys throw in makes this one of the best deals on high quality content I’ve ever seen.

If you like the idea of multiple streams of income and you also prefer not to have to work your butt off to achieve it, then you should read every word on this page.

You see, we have created a UNIQUE service whereby we create money-making blogs for you, so you can take them, make them your own, and start profiting straight away.

We know how you feel, we’ve been there ourselves – all the websites tell you it’s easy to make money online, but what have you ACTUALLY learned?

Rather than spend your time creating blogs yourself, we’ve cut out ALL the hard work and created the PERFECT solution for you in the form of an exclusive, member’s only club called “Niche Profit Membership” (NPM).

There are 7 essential elements to a successful niche blog, Niche Profit Memberships gives you all of them right out of the box – see for yourself:

We looked long and hard all over the Internet for a great looking, professional blog theme that we knew would convert well and be flexible enough to change the blog if needed.

Eventually, we chose the “Studiopress Lifestyle Theme” and have heavily customized it to make it suitable for promoting niche affiliate products.

We’ve hired a top class Internet Marketing copywriter to write 5 articles per blog, specifically tailored to the niche that the blog is targetting.

Each blog has a short review of 3 popular Clickbank products so that your blog visitors can read the reviews and buy the products, thus resulting in you earning 50-75% commissions for each sale referred.

It’s no secret that videos are super HOT these days and as such, we’ve included a Youtube video stream directly within your blog.

This is where so many blog owners go wrong. They don’t collect leads from those who visit their blogs, or they do create an opt-in but the offer is poor and so most people ignore it.

With each blog you receive, you get 7 “tips” emails related to the niche and a great looking opt-in form which pops up right in front of the visitor’s nose, so they can’t miss it.

Ultimately, you’re here to make money – and with three revenue streams on each blog, you have every chance of doing so – all you need to do is add traffic, we even show you how to do that.

If you’ve had any experience with traffic generation, then you’ll know that keyword research plays a big part in getting ranked and ultimately getting the right kind of visitors to your blogs.

For each week’s blog, we’ll provide you with a CSV (spreadsheet file), usually with over…

Ewen Chia’s Auto Blogging Income

“The BIG System To Making REAL MONEY On The Internet…And How To Finally Succeed On The Internet!”

Use an email address you check regularly so you can receive all information. Your details will be strictly protected and safe. It will never be sold.

Never Before Revealed: The Simple Solution To Building Insanely Profitable Niche Blogs Without EVER Paying For Content Or Writing A Single Line Of Text!

There are literally thousands of online business opportunities available but as you know the majority of those cost an absolute fortune to even get your foot in the door! Worse, after investing a fortune in one of those “biz-op’s”, there is no guarantee that you will ever be able to make money, let alone recoup your massive investment. But there is a simple solution that can change EVERYTHING about the way you do business online. You’re most likely familiar with blogging, perhaps you even have a blog or two of your own. What you might NOT know is that traditional blogging is no longer a viable method of doing business online. Think about it, you first need to write (or outsource) tons of content. Blogs rely heavily on fresh updates otherwise they die a slow & painful death in the search engines (and forget anyone finding your blog if that happens). Then, you have to spend time customizing it, tweaking it, optimizing it, and while it eliminates the need for learning HTML or coding, it can STILL take hours (after hours) to get everything “just right”. And there’s yet another MAJOR problem..

Imagine having 50 blogs all running in different niche markets. You know that the more blogs you have, the more money you’ll make, but consider just how much time and effort it would take to keep all 50 blogs running like a well oiled machine, updated with fresh content, interactive with visitors and pumping in traffic consistently.

In order to generate the kind of traffic you need, your blog NEEDS to be fresh, there’s no getting around it. You need regular updates, fresh content and you need every blog to be fully optimized so that it claims its place in the top search engine rankings. If you simply create a blog, add in a ton of content at once and fail to update it, it will quickly become stagnant and outdated. So, what can you do to eliminate the massive amount of time that it would take to keep these blogs filled to the brim with quality content that keeps visitors coming back again and again?

What if I could show you a SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AUTOMATING EVERYTHING from setting up traffic sucking blog pages to automatically updating every single blog with fresh, relevant and targeted content without having to ever write a single line of text yourself? Better yet, what if you could instantly minimize set up time so that you could create a fully functional, top notch, fired up and highly monetized blog in a matter of a few minutes?

If you haven’t heard of ‘autoblogging’,…

"wpdripper", The Most Versatile Wp

Attention All Bloggers … every WordPress plugin that ‘Drip Feeds’ your content over days or weeks is about to become dangerously obsolete because…

“Hypie? Yes. Does it work? Oh YEAH! … And I can guarantee you’ve never seen OR heard about half of the stuff this plugin can do for YOU.”

Note: This plugin was made to save you time and grow your business to levels you never thought were possible. So, I’ll skip the “product feature” mumbo jumbo and tell you in simple terms what this will do for you. You’ll…

Set the article dates as future posts and have WordPress automatically post them for you when the date arrives.

There are so MANY different ways you can use this tool … Ways that I 100% guarantee you have never seen before of and didn’t think were even possible. So read below as I show you specifics.

By making your way to this web page, I can accurately say that you’ve probably done at least a little blogging yourself or at the very minimum have been planning to start a blog.

Blogging is an awesome way to generate traffic, subscribers and customers that you can follow up with for a lifetime of profit.

A good blog creates tons of free traffic that you can send to any affiliate link, web site or sales page that you want.

Many marketers are coming to the realization that a blog can actually be more effective than having an e-mail list!

This is because of all of the cool “subscribe” and syndication features that are now available for a WordPress blog.

The one thing that most of us realize is that creating content for a blog can be a whole lot of work which is why we sometimes use modified PLR, outsourced & borrowed content etc……

One is often unaware that it still takes a ton of time to get an article, login to Word Press, paste in the title and the body, select a category, select a publishing time, etc.

All of these little things added up and multiplied by hundreds of articles or blog posts ends up being dozens, upon dozens of hours and if you have more than one blog, you could be talking in the hundreds of hours or more!

Most people just starting a blog don’t realize this until they start working on their blogs and then realize that they are still required to do a lot of work to get those blog posts up.

Worst of all, you have to do this all the time to keep your blog up to date and keep your blog fresh for the search engines.

Well, unfortunately, there is no “process” that will help make this work go away for you, but all hope isn’t lost!

What if I told you that there was a solution that eliminated ALL of the tasks above that I just mentioned?

What if I further told you that this solution also posted the content to your blog automatically for years (if that’s what you want) while you sleep, hang out or…

Auto Blog Cash Video Course

Traffic Cash System Guarantees 7,500 Free Visitors In the First Month, Growing to 20,000 Monthly Visitors, Forever (for just 5 hours of work!) Automatic Blogs + Silos = Easy Cash and Traffic!

Click Here For Instant Online Access To The Autoblog Traffic Cash System for $147 A DVD Will Also Be Mailed To You

This traffic cash system shows you how to set up a special type of content network (based on a blog system) that is a literal TRAFFIC magnet. It utilizes a proprietary method that I’ve developed that I guarantee you’ve never seen before. It runs on complete autopilot and does not use RSS feeds, scraped and spammy content, ghostwriters, spun articles, article directories, or anything like it. Instead, the system relies on a little known, untapped area of the Internet that provides an endless source of free content. The content is written by enthusiasts in every imaginable niche. And the best part? GOOGLE has NEVER seen this content. (it is inaccessible to the google spider)

Are you beginning to see how powerful this is? Google will see this content as completely unique, quality content coming from you and you alone. This source of content has existed for many years. I’ve never met an internet marketer who utilizes it. No one else knows about the system that I’ve developed to capitalize on it. Just think about it: 100% unique content, written by passionate members of your niche themselves! Combined with the advanced techniques in my course you can add thousands of visitors to your websites very quickly. When you see where we get this free content you will be amazed. It has been sitting right under your nose almost every time you go on the internet.

Access The Entire System Immediately With My Personal 60 day Money Back Guarantee (Imagine: 7,500-10,000 Visitors and Zero Risk!)

Click Here For Instant Online Access To The Autoblog Traffic Cash System for $147 A DVD Will Also Be Mailed To You

I realize I’m going out on a huge limb here. And yes, there are probably people out there who will take advantage of me and use this generous offer as a way to just get my “Traffic System” Cash Course for 60 days for free. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take because I KNOW these “Traffic System” Secrets will change your life. And I trust you. Your word is gold here. However, there is a catch. The truth is, I’ve never offered this complete “Traffic System” Training Kit Plus DVD before. And because I’m a little new at it, I don’t know how long I’ll keep offering this. Frankly, I’m a little worried that too many people will take the trial and that I’ll be overwhelmed with orders and unable to provide the high level of personalized service my customers deserve. If this happens, the price will go on hold while I watch the dust settle. So I’m only making this available for a little while. In fact, I might even take the offer down…

Adsense Crusher System & Slick WordPress

Happy customer says: “Had my first $10+ day from Adsense after using your theme on a handful of sites…

My name is Gabriel and I’m not one of the IM gurus that promise you overnight riches. What I can do for you though, is let you have a peek at my Adsense blueprint generating almost 5 figures a month now.

What’s really amazing is that no special tricks are involved, just simple WordPress blogs and Adsense ads that anyone has access to.

The techniques you’re about to discover are all white hat, no dirty tricks involved, although making money this easy should be immoral.

I’ve decided to post a video where clumpsy ol’ me is logging in into my Adsense account and show you around:

Video requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. If the video does not load please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Notice in the video, my currency is euro, 272 euro represents $334 according to my currency conversion tools.

The reason I posted the video above is to show you I am one of those guys who take action rather than talk about making money.

I can’t promise you the same results as you’ve seen above (especially if you’re not willing to put the work and don’t have the patience to collect the results).

The Adsense Crusher System will cut a lot of corners for you but it still takes sweat and hard work to get things done just like anything else worth waiting for in life.

Dave D, a previous customer who bought and followed my blueprint had tremendous success using it and he was gracious enough to post a screenshot of his amazing jump in clickthrough (and earnings) just for implementing one of the strategies in the Crusher System.

“Just spent yesterday really tweaking this theme. Gabriel has provided good support. I already had a CTR of hovering around 40% but my stats from yesterday shocked me!” Dave D.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, turn on your computer, one cup of cofee in one hand, mouse in the other, log into your Adsense account and have a little good “shock” just like Dave experienced?

The Adsense Crusher system can help you with that no matter if you’re a newbie just starting out or an intermediate/successful Adsense Marketer.

In fact, I have showed the system to a couple of my friends who were already making $3.000 per month with Adsense. Using the same techniques you’re about to discover in this short course they managed to add an extra $1.500 just for implementing the Crusher theme in their websites.

I have started making money using Adsense sites 6 or 7 years ago. A lot of things have changed since then.

My specialty is building huge content websites. The downside to that is you have to actively promote them and wait a long time till you start cashing in.

However, when you start making money, it’s recurring money that…