Index Assistant SEO Software

Doing SEO takes time or money – usually both. That’s why it’s so important to make every backlink count. Index Assistant works hard to get all of your backlinks indexed – with the best of one-click automation. Saving you time and helping you get more traffic, sales and money in your pocket.

Building links is the backbone of SEO, and when done right it flat out works. The trouble is that it can take a long time to get your money pages ranked, and a lot of links.

That’s where Index Assistant comes in. This breakthrough software boosts you higher up the search engine results quickly, without you having to spend a ton of extra time or money doing it. Just paste in your links, click GO and reap the rewards.

What makes this so effective is that it automatically goes out and creates RSS Feeds (which are a bit like simplified web pages) which are filled with your backlinks, and then submits them all over the web. Google’s spider then finds all of these links, crawls and indexes them and pushes your website higher up the search results.

As you know, making a profit online is all about traffic – and the amount of traffic you get from top rankings is staggering.

It’s set up ready to use right out of the box – just enter in your links and a few titles and descriptions around your topic and click GO!

With options to create multiple types of RSS Feed either online or on your own domains, automated use of shortened URL services and with no limit on the number of links or feeds used any time, Index Assistant is far and away the most time-saving Backlink Indexing tool available on the market today.

Using RSS Feeds to boost your SEO results is a proven technique that really delivers. Up until now the only downside is that it used to involve a lot of manual work. Endless repetitive actions, FTP transfers, copy, pasting, organization – all to convert a few links at a time.

Create huge numbers of feeds with no limits on the number of backlinks to use. Literally one-click processes!

Convert your list of backlinks into ready-to-go RSS Feeds at TWO of the web’s top providers, or use our super-fast exclusive feed network! Input your own custom keyword-rich titles, select how many feeds you want and sit back and let Index Assistant do the work. No more mind-numbing repetition!

With the one-click automation our customers love you too can turn your backlinks into quality RSS Feed files saved onto your computer, and upload them to your own domains. With dead-simple, one-time setup Index Assistant can upload all your new feeds to as many of your domains as you want. Make the most of your resources and free yourself from mind-numbing FTP actions now.

Spread your RSS Feeds around the net with ease with the all-new Submission Module. Bulk submit your feeds to 22 of the top aggregators with the push of a button. Bigger exposure equals bigger indexing…

Twitter Treasure Chest

The internet is changing every day, there’s no doubt about that and if you don’t keep up with the changes, you and your business will get left behind. It is well known that Web 2.0 has been around for a while and has ushered in a new wave of social networking sites (e.g. facebook, MySpace, twitter etc.) that allow for better communication and easier provision for driving free targeted traffic to your sites.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Internet is moving and changing direction all the time.

Smart marketers and online business owners know that if they don’t integrate these communication changes into their marketing, they are going to be phased out. These new ways of communicating are also the new way for you to get your marketing message to potential customers!

If you don’t get moving, you’re going to miss out on what could be hundreds or even thousands of customers.

Every course, eBook, physical product package, etc., is teaching methods that show you how to get traffic using paid methods.

That means you shell out a small fortune for the course on top of what you’re going to have to spend on the advertising it shows you how to do!

The great thing about social traffic generation using Twitter is that it doesn’t cost you a dime to do.

And before you start thinking “That means I’m going to have to spend every second of my free time doing this”, this doesn’t take a ton of time either.

If you’ve been blindly trying different paid advertising methods, this is exactly what you need to start saving that money.

This is all extremely easy to do and surprisingly quick to put into action if you just know a few simple steps to get going.

When you start building a following on sites like Twitter, you will start to see traffic increase on your websites, you will also have a great place to post back links to your site to drive that traffic…

Twitter is a global phenomenon that is growing every second of every day, with potentially millions of people eagerly awaiting your messages. All your messages are funneled straight into their page and they don’t even have to click to read them, so you never have to worry about email open rates again!

There are people in every niche imaginable out there, while researching this book I tried to find one that wouldn’t be on there, I thought ‘crochet’ wouldn’t be on there, boy was I wrong! After 8 pages of results I got bored and stopped, people are talking about anything and everything and if you can tap into their conversation and provide them with a good enough reason then you can flood your website:

Twitter is here to stay and the smart marketers are all jumping on board for their slice of the pie, look for all the big names in any industry and they are all using Twitter.

It means if all the people who are pulling down huge incomes online are jumping on…

Traffic Blog Empire – 5.19 Conversions, Up

If You Won’t Commit 1 Hour Per Week To Make Yourself Money, LEAVE this page now and do NOT invest in Traffic Blog Empire

Imagine collecting cash like this day after day like clockwork with no products, no fulfillment, no customer support… all in less than 15 minutes per day!

Just 1 affiliate sale per day with $20 commissions means you pocket an extra $600 per month! (and you can grow this as large as you want!) So how does it all work and where do the Clickbank affiliate commissions come from? The answer is Traffic Blogs, like this one…

Traffic blogs are content-packed, keyword-optimized blogs that attract FREE traffic, capture those visitors on your subscriber list, and convert those subscribers to BUYERS.

Traffic blogs are setup with winnable “money keywords” + keyword-rich domain + optimized site setup + quality content + fresh content updated daily, and then add backlinks…and with that traffic blogs get high search engine rankings, which in turn means they get FREE TRAFFIC! That traffic, or site visitors, see great content on the traffic blog and the chance to get a special report with more FREE info to help solve their problem, so they signup on the lead capture form which means they generate FREE SUBSCRIBERS! The subscribers then get daily followup emails with targeted, hot-selling offers for products they need to solve their problems, so those promos turn into affiliate sales, which means the traffic blogs generate FREE Clickbank commissions!

Just look at these traffic stats–these are 100% FREE website visitors that come in day after day!

Traffic blogs are different than the usual poor quality ‘autoblogs’ setup by software or other services, because they have ALL the things you need to start getting FREE search engine traffic and KEEP it rolling in. You don’t need to worry about Google ‘slapping’ your site or changing their algorythm because your site has REAL content and offers REAL value to visitors.

So you can see that traffic blogs are the fastest and easiest way to generate FREE traffic, subscribers, and affiliate commissions…

No worries–WE are going to set up a traffic blog with all this stuff FOR YOU and give you step-by-step details to keep it rolling…

So YOU get a fully setup, ready to go traffic blog you can manage in a few simple steps in less than 15 minutes per day!

It’s this simple–we setup your traffic blog…and show you the simple steps to manage it, and you watch your traffic and profits grow week after week! That’s it. (The secret is in setting up your traffic blog the right way–the “special formula” took years of experimentation and trial and error to discover, and we’ll use it to setup your site, too!)

There is almost no limit to the niches you can dominate and get page 1 rankings for, IF you know how to do it the right way… And we’re taking all the guesswork out of it by doing it all FOR YOU! You just pick your niche (we give you 25 researched, proven money…

Backlink Bomb Seo Software For Thousands Of

“Explode your sites pottential and never worry about competition again – The Auto backlink Bomb generates thousands of backlinks freeing up your time and shooting your site infront of your competition making it burst with targeted traffic”

Today I present to you a solution to eliminate the need of tedious backlink building, a solution to grow your websites exposure, a solution to eliminate the need of subscription based backlink packages, a solution to give your website wings to fly past your competition and gain high search engine rankings while having the ability to scrape the search engines for thousands of high authority backlinks and pull them back with the touch of a button!!

These platforms are very popular and are used by literally thousands of websites around the net. So any of the above named platform urls fed into the software will work. The software will auto create your accounts – automatically verify emails and then auto post your backlinks- The software takes it one step further by Mashing up your profile and blog urls into 1 giant Rss Feed and then pinging it to the top Ping sites for Rapid Indexing – Did I mention how the software will submit your Rss Feed to 10 powerfull Rss sites? Welll it does that too 🙂

Best of all you can have your captchas filled out automatically and spin your text to ensure you are posting unique text.

Mashes up your profile and blog url’s into one giant Rss feed then pings them to the top ping sites to ensure your backlinks get indexed in realtime

I’m one of the luckiest person to have a free run on this application and I must say its just simple but pretty powerful in terms of linkbuilding to the four site platforms stated. The bot runs very smoothly and very fast unlike any other ubot compiled scripts which is very buggy and full of errors. The package also consists of all the bots you need in your linkbuilding campaigns which is very helpful cause you don’t need another bot to buy for scraping or for email verification. I have some success for my first run last night following the instructions. abs really did a good job on creating these bots and all the things he said and showed in the videos are perfectly run by the bots. I don’t have anything else to say cause when you use these bots, I’m pretty sure all your expectations will be meet or even surpassed. Three Thumbs Up on this one… Cheers

I bought this software 2 weeks ago and have already created over 4000 backlinks – its so quick and easy to create links with that im actually scared that I am over doing it lol..

I also have scrapebox but tested out the Link finder that comes with the software – all I have to say is wow – its actually faster then using scrapebox.

Honestly guys grab yourselves a bargain – this is one of the if not the best seo link…

Contestburner: Amazing Viral Marketing Software

“We weren’t expecting anything like this to happen. Over 51,000 pages were indexed on Google just from the contest. A bunch of press releases which was nuts and bunch more sales which is obviously the best part. And it was a lot of fun!

“…Your contest blew me away and it’s definitely turned Mobile Monopoly into a viral thing which we weren’t planning on having after the launch…”

“Thank you so much for making Contest Burner and making it as cool as you did. Without Contest Burner, I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today and there’s no way I could be in Costa Rica right now.

“…And there’s no way that I would ever launch another site without Contest Burner by my side because it is the easiest source of free traffic for me. It just grows virally, it’s the easiest!”

“I recently launched a book launch and used Bill Mcintosh’s Contest Burner software to really launch my book in a whole new way and I’m very excited about it. It went so fantastically!

“I came across Bill’s software and was just instantly excited about it! So I got the product, installed it within minutes, configured it and had it up and running in a very very short period of time. I used it to launch this contest in conjunction with my product launch. It brought in thousands of people who never had heard of my book.”

“By using this software, I was able to generate over 200 extra leads just by using this piece of viral software. And it didn’t take me any more effort or any time to do it. I just installed this little script onto my blog and I’ve got 200 extra leads in a very short space of time. And it’s free traffic. I didn’t have to pay for it.

“I definitely recommend, if you want to get viral traffic and build your list bigger and make more money, then I recommend definitely getting Contest Burner because it’s a really really cool piece of software and no one else has this. This is the only place you can find it.”

“Within 3 short weeks, I went from a ranking of 300,000 plus to 97,000 in Alexa. Along the way, I built a nice little list of over 1,000 people, which was truly amazing! I saw results like I’ve never saw before.

“And the really cool part about it was that my website went viral. It went into places that I didn’t even know existed. So this is the software that is very powerful and I highly recommend it to anybody. So Bill thank you very much for bringing this up to me!”

“We personally used it in a launch that we recently executed. And we did a 7 figure launch, over a million dollars. And I owe a lot of that to Contest Burner because it helped us build buzz using Facebook, it generates 600 YouTube videos by 600 different people. it built Twitter buzz, it built blogging comment…

All the tools and resources you need to jump start and make your online business a success!

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