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So What Exactly Are “QR Codes” and How Are They The Most Effective Marketing Tool On the Planet?

At its most basic, a QR code is a unique matrix barcode that can be scanned and read by any smart phone with a QR reading app. You can literally see these QR codes popping up just about everywhere from business cards, brochures, websites, and more.

Once scanned, the browser on the smart phone will then redirect the user to the company’s website or some other site relevant to the campaign being advertised via the QR code.

So what’s so great about some fancy barcode that you can read with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other smart phone device?

Internet Marketing was revolutionary leap forward compared to traditional marketing methods like television, newspaper ads, classifieds, yellow pages, radio, etc. With significantly lower costs, access to a worldwide audience, plus the added advantage of being able to specifically target you core audience (by using specific keywords)—Internet Marketing is no doubt superior in many respects and far more pragmatic for the average small business owner to use vs. most traditional offline marketing methods.

Today, however, with most large corporations devoting significant resources to developing an online presence and millions of new entrepreneurs launching e-businesses each and every year—the costs have skyrocketed. For PPC, keywords that cost only $.75 a click a year ago may be $1 .50 or more today. The same holds basically true for banner ads, sponsored emails, etc. Even those specializing in SEO have found it harder and more expensive to maintain page rankings due to the increased competition.

Bottom line: While it may have only required $25 in online marketing costs to make a $50 sale a year ago, you might have to spend $40 or more today—leaving very little, if any, room for profit.

The ultimate goal of all marketing is to drive more sales—period. Unfortunately and in almost every single case, most marketing systems are actually less effective than they were just a few years ago. There are several causes for this decreased effectiveness in traditional marketing platforms, including:

How much does it cost to generate a QR code? Absolutely nothing! There are several sites such as who will literally generate your QR code absolutely free!

And with more than 50 million smart phone users in the US alone—the effectiveness and overall use of QR codes will only increase in the coming months and years to come! Already, QR codes are popping up on billboards, in magazines, and in just about every medium you can think of for one simple reason: Because they REALLY WORK!

It’s simple: If you want to succeed in sales or growing a business in the 21st century, then you need to master QR Code Marketing!

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