Wp User Reviews – WordPress To Facebook

I hope you enjoyed the short WP User Reviews ‘movie’ starring the A3 Guy. Please permit me to tell you the:

I head up the A3 team who in our everyday work build WordPress websites and plugin solutions for businesses. At the start of 2011 while building a clients site we searched the web looking for a WordPress Reviews & Ratings plugin that would allow WordPress site visitors to:

Over the first 4 months of 2011 we built the plugin. We then started installing it on our client’s sites and the feedback we got was amazing. As people saw it we started getting requests from other WordPress owners and developers to make it available to them.

For us to do that we first had to build a completely user friendly admin panel so the plugin – by then called WordPress to Facebook Customer Reviews and Ratings was ‘plug and play’ to cater for novice WordPress owners right up to developers.

Now that is finished a complete WordPress novice can download, install and activate WP Users Reviews and their own Facebook App in under 10 minutes flat.

After 6 months of development, extensive ‘live’ field testing and almost $20,000 invested today the A3 team is pleased to launch the plugin now called WP User Reviews.

Whilst we could use acres of space to tell you about the features and benefits of installing the plugin, we’d rather the plugin users tell you what they have found via the WP User Reviews Plugin.

After you have installed and used WP User Reviews on your site/s please write us a review. Except for the edit we have made to only allow plugin owners to write a review the plugin is installed here ‘straight out of the box’. What you see is what you get. We changed the Review title and review text from this sites default text colour and size to what you see below and selected the blue Write a Review button in 30 seconds via the visual editor on the dashboard. It is that easy.

As a bed & breakfast, we are always looking for new ways to talk to our past and future guests. Over the last few months we have been using WordPress User Reviews as part of http://gympieaccommodation.biz. We were so impressed that we are now redesigning our own web site (www.lagoonpocket.com) to put this at the very heart of our on-line marketing. For us this is not a plug-in but an essential part of our business.

I’m very proud to say that our site was the first site that WP User Reviews was installed on and that we were able to play a small part in it evolution. Its an absolutely amazing piece of technology. I have no idea how they made it work – but work it does. Having genuine customer feedback and ratings on our site has definitely brought us more business by building the trust factor with perceptive clients. It’s also been a huge factor in building or Facebook fan page following – Well…