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How To Improve The Search Engine Rankings Of Your

How To Improve The Search Engine Rankings Of Your Blog

Traffic is like a source of life to bloggers, therefore search engine ranking is the thing that give bloggers their source of life; traffic. Bloggers who are interested in reaching a large audience with their blog should consider paying special attention to search engine optimization of their blog. Reaching a large audience may be a priority for a number of different reasons. One of the obvious reasons to attempt to generate increased traffic to a blog is to generate a profit. Bloggers who rely on high blog traffic for their revenue are obviously interested in increasing traffic. However, bloggers who create their blog to promote a cause may also be interested in increasing traffic simply to allow their message to reach a larger audience. Regardless of the reason to want to increase traffic, one of the best ways to do this is by optimizing the blog for search engines. This article I wrote will discuss the importance of search engine rankings and offer tips for optimizing a blog that I learnt.

Why Search Engine Rankings are Important

The importance of high search engine rankings is they can contribute to increased Internet traffic to the blog. This is because Internet users who use search engines to find information on a particular topic are much more likely to visit websites which appear on the first page of the search results than they are to visit websites which appear on subsequent pages of the search results. The websites appearing on the first page of the results are likely to get the most traffic. However, Internet users are not likely to search through more than a page or two of the search results when looking for more information on a particular subject. That’s why being at the first and the second is already a big difference.

High search engine rankings essentially act as free advertisement for a blog or website. This is because many website users rely on popular search engines to assist them in finding useful information on the Internet. The search engines apply complex algorithms to evaluate websites and rank them accordingly for specific search terms. As a result Internet users put a great deal of value on the search results produced and trust these results to lead them to the best available websites relevant to the keywords they specified in the search.

Tips for Optimizing a Blog for Search Engines

One of the most common ways to optimize a blog or website for search engines is through the use of relevant keywords. Specifically the practice of applying specific keyword densities to the content of the blog is a common search engine optimization tactic employed. Blog owners and others who attempt to optimize their websites do not always agree on the optimal density for keywords but many believe a percentage of approximately 2%-3% is appropriate.

Another method for optimizing a search engine optimization is to place relevant keywords into the code of the website. This includes the title tags and META tags. This is important because search engines often consider the prominence of keywords when evaluating a website. This refers to the location in which the keywords first appear. Placing keywords early in the content of the website is helpful but it is important to note the search engines view the code first so keywords appearing before the body of the blog will be crawled first by the search engines.

Blog owners can also help to increase their search engine rankings by generating back links to their blog. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways. One way to do this is to find other websites willing to place a link to the blog on their website. This is beneficial because many search engines factor the number of links to a website into their ranking algorithm because these links are considered to be one website vouching for the validity of another website. Some website owners may be willing to do this in return for a link to their website on your blog. This is known as reciprocal linking and some search engines may not value this link as highly as a link which is not reciprocated. There are also some link exchange programs but these links may not be beneficial because many search engines consider the rank of the website linking to your blog. Therefore, if the website linking to your blog does not rank well, the back link will not improve search engine rankings significantly.

There, if you just implement this step, I’m pretty sure your blog will have a high ranking. Don’t stagnate your mind just because I wrote this article, there are tons of way to get high ranking, use your creativity.

If you want to read more on how to do a great keyword research, you can look for it in the other articles I wrote on my site, http://freeforyoutosearch.com Tantawi Sagara

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Part I: Linking Practices That Will Hurt your

Part I: Linking Practices That Will Hurt your Search Engine Rankings

Quality linking practices are encouraged by the major search engines as an acceptable way of improving site popularity, website traffic and help contribute to higher search engine rankings. As a webmaster you must be wary of engaging in poor linking practices that have the potential to strip your website of its ranking status on the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.

In this two part Article Series we will firstly discuss those linking practices that will find your website penalized by the major search engines, with the most current controversy over ‘paid links’. Google has recently penalized several sites with ranking drops for violating its quality webmaster guidelines by selling paid links. This penalty can also be applied to those sites displaying ‘paid links’ that are considered spam or of low quality by the search engines and provide users with a poor browsing experience.

Not all paid linking will be penalized, the current focus tends to be on those links that are primarily being used to manipulate search engine rankings. Purchasing paid links may also affect your rankings if the originating site selling the links is considered to be a ‘bad neighborhood’ site by the major search engines, your site’s rankings can be affected by association. As a general rule, avoid companies selling links who are promoting paid links that are ‘hard to detect by a search engine’ and with the recent increase in the reporting of paid links to Google, their ranking algorithms are being adjusted to detect such paid links.

The advice from Google on paid links is that it’s okay to promote paid links that are aimed at increasing website traffic but are not being used to manipulate search engine rankings. If you are using paid links:-

• Add a ‘no follow attribute’ to the linking info (see Google for more info on how to do this).

• You can also redirect the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from the search engines with robots.txt file.

• Clearly define paid advertising links on your site to the search engines ie. with a ‘sponsored link’ title heading.

Another linking practice that is discouraged by the major search engines is using Link Farms to artificially increase a site’s link popularity. Link farms are usually classified as a website or web page that displays a series of links to other unrelated sites and displays no content of real value or interest to site visitors. These types of links pages are usually created by automated software programs and services. To avoid being caught linking to a ‘link farm’ vigorously check all link exchange requests and the reciprocal URL location of your link on their site. Link farms will be obvious in nature as no actual web content will be present for site visitors except links and often the link exchange will be represented as a ‘3 way link’ exchange.

‘3 Way Linking’ has been an emerging trend over the past 12 months and is designed to quickly boost the search engine rankings and online presence of the requesting link partners site by anonymously building link pages that have no direct link to them so that they can’t be penalized by the search engines for deceptive SEO practices. 3 Way Links are of little or no benefit to your site or your linking campaign as typically the third party site that your link is located on has no content relevance to your own site or worse still it is just a ‘link farm’. Once again your site’s search engine rankings can be penalized by association.

Check link exchange requests carefully as often 3 way linking practices are hidden in the link request, in some cases you may agree to a link exchange with a site whose content is similar to yours only to find that when the link exchange is completed that your link has been placed on a third party site. Often the site requesting the link exchange does not even have a links page set up on their site. 3 Way Links can also be represented as ‘triangular link exchanges’.

The final linking practice we will look at is ‘Cross Linking’. Excessively cross-linking sites of unrelated content can and will violate the quality webmaster guidelines of Google, Yahoo and MSN. This linking practice is generally used to artificially increase the number of links to a site and link popularity with the main aim of manipulating the search engine rankings. Even if you are the owner of multiple sites it is unwise to cross link them if the content of the sites is unrelated.

I came across a prime example of cross-linking recently when analyzing a potential new client’s site for SEO & website marketing recommendations. What I discovered was that their existing SEO provider had excessively cross-linked their site to all their other clients sites under the disguise of ‘site map’ pages which were not only numerous in quantity but also keyword stuffed. This practice has somehow gotten past the ranking algorithms of Google and Yahoo most likely because the pages were being represented as ‘site map’ pages however the site had been penalized by MSN with no rankings showing whatsoever.

The only way of bringing up the site on MSN was to type in the site’s direct URL address. The site owner was completely unaware of this breach which was explained away by this SEO company as the search engine results for MSN being inconclusive on the day they were searched for reporting purposes. To a novice, this explanation probably seems viable – so website owners be wary and don’t be afraid to ask questions as to why your site is not receiving rankings in at least the top 10 pages of the search engine results for Google, Yahoo & MSN especially if you are paying for professional SEO services. Avoid automated software being added to your site primarily for SEO purposes, organic search engine results are certainly achievable without the application of automated software which usually displays web pages of lower quality than your main web pages and certainly be wary of site maps being developed for your site in the format I have described above. These are generally placed in the footer of your home page with the words site map preceding them, followed by an A – Z listing of site map web pages. This doesn’t apply to software added to your site to record site statistics for performance analysis.

Positive linking practices will be discussed in Part 2 of this Article Series.

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Rosemary Donald is an SEO Consultant with Rank1 Website Marketing (www.rank1websitemarketing.com) and author of the SEO ebook ‘Insider Secrets of Rank1 Websites’ available for .95 AU. Rosemary is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of SEO, website marketing, ecommerce, search engine marketing and small business development.

Rosemary is also a successful online trader and owner of www.sabujewellery.com a top ranking on site on Google, Yahoo and MSN with experience in online marketing, export sales, importing, growing customer bases, ecommerce customer service, online sales generation and Rank 1 search engine marketing.

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How Optimized Websites provide you the best

How Optimized Websites provide you the best rankings

No matter if you hire web developers to build or manage your website, it’s important for you as well to have a basic understanding of the various elements necessary to build a successful optimized website. Now, there are dozens of ways as to how optimized website provides you the best ranking for your online business. The most important way is proper and perfect keyword selection which will enable the prospective customers to look for your business via those keywords. Next is content and site structure – this is very important as it will be basis of convincing the customers thus boosting sales. Apart from this, the most important part of your website is also to reach the visitor – to take all the necessary steps to create a great design and added search engine optimization elements to your site; you have created the perfect online presence. To add, link building, internet linking, monitoring, etc of an optimized website also provides your business top rankings. Then customers would love to visit your website as it will offer them maximum information and products of their choice with minimum navigational and shopping hassles. However, if the customer doesn’t find a product of his choice then of course he would land on some other website. Therefore, the essentials need to be taken care in such a manner that your website remains the best and only choice for them. An optimized website should be Search Engine friendly which will make it easy for your potential customers to respond to you the moment they visit your website. Then they will call you on the phone, respond to your emails and show up as walk-ins. You should also be able to obtain web leads if you do everything correctly and also maintain proper follow ups to make everything perfect. Being a business owner, you will find it easy to edit your site as necessary as you feel overtime. Therefore you need a system whereby you can change your own coupons at a moment’s notice, read statistical reports to verify your ROI, etc. Point is simple, you will have an “easy to update” system, monitored to make sure any changes that you made, hence, not hurting your rankings. It is to keep in mind to have one central location whereby you can easily update your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter and post News Articles that automatically get fed to News Feeds through the entire Internet. This is increase more popularity of your website. It will boost your sales and will profitable for your business and also, it will enable your potential customers remain connected with you and promotion of your products will be maintained and remain constant. In today’s world, given the intense competition in the market, it is important and profitable for you to either create incoming links for your website or to make your website so popular by increasing the quantity of back links. An optimized website will have many incoming links.

I, Joanna Gadel, as a member of leading website design firm, have been continuously reading e-books keenly on Web 2 and after looking at all this, it may seem that there are no Web1 sites left, but that is not true. There are still places where the simplicity of Web1 works better than the flashy Web2 and thus it is used by web designers too.

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Easy Ways To Increase Search Engine Rankings

Easy Ways To Increase Search Engine Rankings Dramatically

Now a days without search engine traffic your business cant even make a penny and without high search engine rankings you will not be capable of getting the amount of traffic you need to make some substantial money online.

Search engines like google rank you for a particular keyword on the basis of the quality of your content and the back links you have which are pointing to your site.

So what are some of the main factors that are responsible for increasing your search engine rankings dramatically? Lets discuss them briefly.

1:Quality of your content:

Quality of your content is the most crucial thing if you arereally serious about increasing your search engine rankings.Make sure that the quality of your content is on its extreme and the content contains the keywords at least 3-4 times in a 500 word article.

2:Link building:

This is another crucial factor responsible for increasing search engine rankings.I think that I already have told you about back links so now we will discuss on how to get some.

You can get back links by submitting articles,forum marketing,article marketing,video marketing,blog commenting and etc.Try to get back links from high PR blog always so you can acheive more high rankings and respect in the view of search engines.

I will suggest you to write as many articles as you can and then submit them to high PR article directories like ezinearticles and articlesbase to get maximum exposure and backlinks for your site.

These are the two main factors that can really boost your search engine rankings.So just implement them on your business and see the change your self.

check out this article on how to increase traffic to your blog or website if you want to aoid these difficult things like SEO and etx and directl get red hot blazing traffic.

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