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Website Hosting Review- A Good Consumer Will Find

Website Hosting Review- A Good Consumer Will Find Good Webhosting

If you want to find a website hosting review to help you choose a good webhosting company you need to follow the same common sense rules as for when searching for any general information online. You are rarely going to find one-stop shopping solutions. If you are looking for a targeted specific answer, and you already know the top authority, you might get away with one-stop for the information you are looking for. These searches need to be just like when you did research papers in high school and the instructor made you use at least three resources, you need to read more than one website hosting review, as well as the actual website of the hosting company.

With hundreds and thousands of websites, articles, forums and blogs on many topics choosing the best authority on your topic might be more difficult. A university site or non-profit consumer site is always a good start, but with all the people out there writing articles simply as part of an article marketing campaign, you must be careful! Some of these website review articles might be more of a first stop, to give you an idea of other places to look. By clicking through to the web page, you will be able to quickly tell if there is helpful information there.

Anytime you read website hosting review articles, blog post or forum response, be very careful to take note of the date. Companies are always updating their services, As they make more money, they can afford more services. So a company who three years ago did not offer Live Chat, might offer that feature today, These sorts of things are easily checked by simply going to the sales page!You do not need to only rely on website hosting review articles!

Here is a perfect example: There was an article on a good webhosting company called “Fat Cow” that said they do not have 24/7 support by phone or messaging. It also said the wait for email support response was infuriating. Another article said Fat Cow makes a promise to answer all questions with lightening speed, within two minutes. Another place it said their customer service was excellent, and a final piece of information from a friend said that they did have Live Chat support. Anyone reading just one website hosting review of Fat Cow would probably get the wrong picture. It turns out one article was written two years ago! A quick trip to the main website showed me that in fact, they do have Live Chat, they do have a toll free phone number, an in-depth FAQ and Knowledge Base, a blog and online tutorials.

The bottom line with website hosting review research, is to do your homework, read current articles, click through the websites to see which ones tell you what you need to know, and then check out the web host companies that are recommended. Many of these websites give you direct links to good webhosting home pages, that will save you time searching for the URL addresses.

To the normal everyday person, website hosting companies will look the same. They all seem to offer plenty of storage space, bandwidth, user friendly control panels, as well as excellent customer support. There is a great list of the 10 best hosting companies on http://www.100hostpower.com that compares the companies several ways and from different strengths.

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John is an Industrial&IT Engineer and has been involved in the online world for over 15 years. John worked in the R&D departments of hosting companies for several years. He does research on innovative eCommerce opportunities. John’s hobbies are anthropology, history, Motown, web design and he enjoys outdoor activities.

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5 Reasons Why Unlimited WebHosting Is The Best

5 Reasons Why Unlimited WebHosting Is The Best Hosting Plan For You

If you wish to run an online business, you would need the reliability and security that an unlimited webhosting plan can offer you.  Imagine eBay having frequent downtimes and error messages every week and no technical support to talk to or contact every time you need assistance. Whether you are running a business or simply hosting a personal website that you would wish to maintain for life, unlimited web hosting is the best option for you. Here are 5 reasons why:

Unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth, databases and email accounts. There is a good reason why unlimited web hosting is unlimited. Compared with other service providers, you will find that unlimited web hosting plans provide you sufficient room to move around and grow. You will not be limited and restricted to a handful of email accounts or a few domains.  The difference between going unlimited and being limited will become very important once you find your online business growing and along with it, your number of customers, contacts and products.
Advanced and user-friendly applications. Every time you subscribe to a hosting account, you will be given access to a control panel. The control panel is your way of controlling and maintaining your websites. Some control panels can only give you simple tools like a photo editor and a text editor. Unlimited webhosting plans however will give you tools like PHP editors, html editors, ColdFusion editors and other Content Management Systems. You can even import and manage your databases with control panels provided by unlimited web hosting plans. You will find that the best websites online, especially those who use flash tools and videos are using domains from unlimited web hosting providers.
Comprehensive plans. Great companies never assume that they know what you need and can give it to you. They can give you anything you need however by offering everything that can possibly be offered. Another advantage that unlimited web hosting providers have is the number of service plans that they can accommodate. From the free and simple cheap hosting accounts to the not so cheap and highly sophisticated two year plans, unlimited web hosting providers are more than ready to provide.
Highly efficient and easily accessible technical support. Because of the nature of the plans offered by unlimited web hosting providers, technical support is necessary. Professional technical support personnel can be contacted through email, phone and chat 24X7 for good hosting providers.
Great license and user agreements. User agreements given by good providers are transparent and fair. 30 day or 90 day money-back guarantees are not uncommon in good providers.

For an example of a great unlimited webhosting service provider, you can visit UnlimitedWebHostingService.com.


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India Webhosting

India Webhosting

There are certain points you need to look for while choosing an India website hosting service. The three main important factors are reliability, customer support and bandwidth. The plan which you purchase need to have most of the essential features that you need.  A web hosting must be stable, in case if server is down then your visitors will see a blank page. There are many options which you should look for but it becomes quite difficult when you are not aware of them. Some of them are listed below.

It seems that most percentage of people invests huge on building up a website and they too invest much on purchasing a website hosting plan. They are ready to spend 50$ to 100$ every month. Fortunately, there are many India webhosting service providers which offers same quality of services in just 5$ per month. They might insist you to purchase the plan for 12 months in advance but still it’s a fair deal. Even many do not charge any activation fee.

Beware of reviews: Many reviews are owned by web hosting India Company itself or by some of their affiliate who is looking to make huge commissions. Thus, it is recommended to look for reviews from reputable sources or from your friends who have used their services in past.

Make sure that you read all the points in the contract from India Webhosting Company. For example – many web hosting India companies offer unlimited data transfer at certain price but they might have the rights to discontinue such services if they find extensive usage of bandwidth. So, in reality there are no such service providers which can offer unlimited bandwidth.

The most important factor is customer service. In case, the server goes down then the customer support of your web hosting India Company should be available to resolve this problem, thus making the downtime negligible.

Finally, think of features which your website requires. If you own a simple website for your business which requires you to upload only text files, then you only need small storage capacity and low bandwidth from your server. In case, you want to generate revenues through advertisements then make sure that you need high bandwidth and storage space. Most of the reputable web hosting company India will list such information in plan details.

If you would like to purchase a plan from reputed web hosting India Company then you can visit our website. India webhosting is considered as the best regarding the location due to less frequent natural disaster.

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