WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

Coupon Code Plugin helps you make more money from your WordPress blog by protecting your affiliate links.

Coupon Code Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add stylized coupon codes to your Posts and Pages in WordPress in a way that will prevent lost commissions and boost your conversions.

Your affiliate links are protected to ensure you do not lose any earnings from visitors simply copying your coupon code and going to the merchants website on their own, which would bypass your affiliate code and lose you commission. Instead, when a visitor clicks on a coupon code, the code is copied to their clipboard, ready for them to paste it into the merchants website. At the same time, the visitor is sent to the merchant using your affiliate link. Even if the visitor does not make a purchase now, the merchant will have tagged the visitor as being referred by your affiliate account. When the visitor goes back to the merchant and makes their purchase, you will receive the commission for the sale.

Coupon codes can be styled using any of 16,777,216 colours. Yes, that is more than 16.5 Million Colours!

Our main settings page allows you to set links to open in new windows/tabs, automatically mask affiliate links and add a call to action such as “click to copy code and visit merchant” or anything else you would prefer.

Add as many coupons as you like. Simply populate the fields and add your coupon, you can then add the code into ANY Post or Page. You can even see how many times it’s been shown and how many times it’s been clicked!

Mask your affiliate links to prevent others from seeing that the links you use are affiliate links as this causes a lot of visitors to try and bypass your affiliate links when they use the coupon code.

Coupon code combines easy to display codes and affiliate link masking to provide an excellent solution. When a visitor clicks on the coupon code, it is copied to their clipboard, ready for them to paste and they are taken to your affiliate link for the merchant, registering them as being referred by you.

Allow your users to vote if the coupon worked or didn’t work for them. You can view these stats on the backend and then remove coupons that are not working.

Hide your coupon codes so that users can only see a button. Some coupon codes are very easy to remember and site owners may want their coupons hidden from view. This is optional as most admins would want their coupon codes displayed.

Easily view coupon statistics such as impressions and clicks. These are tracked via our link masking system. This allows you to see which coupons have been popular and which ones were not so popular, allowing you to focus on the popular coupons and remove the unpopular coupons.

Coupon Code Plugin integrates seamlessly with any theme. You should never have any problems integrating Coupon Code Plugin into your website. Our development team regularly run tests to ensure…