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Article Marketing Sites: Expert Advice on What

Article Marketing Sites: Expert Advice on What You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Article Submission Directories

Article marketing sites are used by many online entrepreneurs on a daily basis. But not all of those marketers know the best tactics on how to effectively use article submission directories for maximum exposure and profit. So in this aricle you will find expert advice on what features you should consider while choosing top article marketing directories.

Article Marketing Sites: How To Choose The Best Directories?

Before you choose and use any article marketing site, first you should determine what purposes you are going to use these directories for? Do you want to get traffic, or build backlinks or earn fast cash? After you have decided about that, we can take in to consideration the following important things while choosing the top article promotion sites.


Article Marketing Sites: What Should I Consider In Order To Choose The Best Ones?

1.    Alexa Ranking

The less alexa ranking the site has, the more reputable it is in the eyes of search engines. So start building your list of article marketing sites from the directories with less alexa ranking.

2.    Do-follow or no-follow

This is also important especially if you are going to use article promotion mainly for link building. Try to focus mostly on dofollow directories to get maximum Google juice for your sites.

3.    SEO friendly, especially Google friendly

Not all of popular article sites are Google friendly. So try to use only seo friendly article directories to get maximum results in minimum time.

4.    Does it allow direct affiliate links?

Only a few article directories (like articlesbase, goarticles) allow affiliate links. So consider this before including your site link in the resource box.

5.     Average Daily Traffic

It is also important if you want to get targeted traffic to your websites on a regular basis. Remember the higher pagerank of the article directories doesn’t always mean that they get lot of traffic every day.


Article marketing sites can bring in solid passive income if you benefit of them the right way. So consider the above-mentioned tips in your daily article promotion.

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www.bummarketingmethod.com Article marketing tutorial. Internet marketing the “Bum Marketing” Way.

Question by danielmcgonagle: Where can I find out more about article, or bum marketing? I’m trying to make some money online?
If anyone knows of any free reports about article marketing, I’d really appreciate it. So much information out there, you know?

Best answer:

Answer by Ryan S
I found a great new e-book that answered alot of my questions on this subject. Very easy to read and worth the time to download it! There is also a great mini-ecourse that gave me a few ideas I never thought of before!

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Choosing the Best WAHM Website Hosting

Choosing the Best WAHM Website Hosting

Before you decide on a hosting package based solely on price, you really need to think about the needs of your business, not just now, but in the near future.

For the most part, WAHM businesses are small operations, however, you don’t want to sell yourself short when it comes to choosing a hosting plan. Your budget should definitely be a consideration, but if getting the best plan for your website means stretching it a little, it could turn out to be a worthwhile investment in your business.

Before you choose a WAHM hosting package, here are 3 things you need to consider:

What does your website consist of?

A website with a few pages of text and pictures isn’t going to require a substantial amount of disk space, so a package offering 50 MB of disk space will be sufficient. However, if you have many graphics, pictures, text, scripts, and a database, then you will want to choose a package with 100 MB to 500 MB of disk space to accommodate your current needs.

Determining the size of your website is a big factor in choosing a hosting plan, so make sure you take the time to understand what your business consists of.

What are your short term business goals?

Even if you do not have a large website right now, you need to think about the short term goals that you want to accomplish. Are you planning on adding more products or services to your current line? Do you want to start a mailing list? Do you want to add scripts, such as a blog or project management program? Do you plan on increasing your traffic flow? All these things eventually add up to more disk space usage, and if you go ahead and pay for a year’s worth of hosting of a small package, you could find yourself in a jam when you run out of disk space.

Spend a few minutes jotting down your short term goals, so that you will have a better idea of how your business is going to progress in the next few months. Once that’s done, it will be easier to select a wahm hosting package that is suited to your goals.

What are your long term business goals?

A common occurrence with wahm businesses is that they tend to grow much more then anticipated, and plans quickly change. Understanding what your webhost offers in their hosting packages can save a lot of hassles in the long run, like having to switch hosting providers. Carefully review all the features and guarantees. If your future growth means adding a team of sales representatives; will you be able to do that with your hosting package?

Don’t make the mistake of jumping in with both feet just because the price is right, you have take into account the short and long term needs of your business, not to mention customer support and uptime. The last thing you want is a support team you can never get in touch with, a website that is always down, and a hosting package that doesn’t suit your business.

Review the hosting features and prices, reflect on your business goals, and make sure you ask questions if there is something you don’t know, or understand before you choose a package!

Stephanie Davies is a 28 year old work at home mom to a 9 year old boy in Mid-Missouri. Her hosting company, Hosting WAHMs offers premium webhosting from per month and up, with an easy to use sitebuilder! She also loves to knit, build websites, and talk to people.

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Best Automated Flights / Hotel Travel Website For Sale + Free Hosting
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budurl.com hubpages.com www.makefastmoneyonline4free.com Data transfer (Bandwidth): You need to see if the hosting company provides you with sufficient bandwidth for efficient data transfer. After all it’s your website and you need to ensure that you are getting the best services for the money you invest. You don’t want to be to overgrown for your hosting provider. FTP access: FTP access is very crucial since it provides the ability to upload new pages. You need to know how to upload web pages to edit at any time. And if you don’t your web hosting should not only allow novices but newbies as well to easily upload web pages. Site Builder: If you do not know how to create website pages it is crucial that your hosting provider you choose includes a easy to use website templates that anyone can use. Scripts: Scripts such as css , php and javascripts are important to have when you have a business website. Even if you do not know how to use them at first you should look for a package that includes a access to apply them and can be used later as your knowledge grows. A package with “Script Installs” is perfect. Uptime: Uptime is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running. This is usually listed as a percentage, like “99.9% uptime.” Uptime is a great measure of how good a Web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. If a hosting provider has a high uptime percentage, then that means that their servers stay up and running and so any site you
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A Handy Guide For Beginners In Choosing A

A Handy Guide For Beginners In Choosing A Webhosting Company

Choosing the right webhosting company plays an integral part in the success of your online business. For one, your business website is the place by which people can learn about your product’s information when they go online, not to mention that it can be utilized for business transactions to gain more profit. Let’s face it: more and more people are finding the internet useful, and you will most likely fail in your business if you don’t use it to your advantage.

If you are not sure what to look for in a webhosting company, here’s a simple guide that can help you out.

It’s always better to start small, most especially if you are setting up a niche website. Choose a plan that offers the smallest space available and start from there. You can always upgrade your plan once the demand for it increases, anyway. No need for you to subscribe to a high-end plan if you won’t be able to maximize what you are paying for.

You need to ensure that you find a reliable webhosting company. If server crashes become a regular occurrence or if it takes a long time to get in the site, your site’s visitors are more likely to move on to another one. Not even loyal customers will stick around if this trend keeps up. To put it simply, a non-reliable web hosting company results to a non-reliable website. No two ways about it.

To avoid this from happening, here are simple tips to ensure that you get a reliable web hosting company.

1. It’s a good idea to look for reviews on webhosting companies in order to find non-biased opinions about them. There are a plethora of review specific sites that you can use. Examples of these sites are Epinions and Zagat. Forums or message boards catered to web hosting companies are another good option. Be careful though; some of the reviews or comments you’ll encounter might just be a disguise by the companies themselves in order to gain customers. To filter out the authentic reviews from those that are contrived, you’d do well to find as many sources as possible and assess each one carefully.

2. Contact the web hosting company’s support department and ask some questions. I’m sure you’ll agree that nobody wants to stick around with a company that doesn’t give you helpful information when you need it. More often than not, a trial call should tell you whether you’ll be getting reliable service from a webhosting company or not.

3. Determine if they oversell their services. Some companies are aggressive in offering a lot of cap space and bandwidth even if their server is ill-fitted to handle the strain. In a situation like this, server crashes can occur when you use the bandwidth presented to you at its full capacity, even if you have paid for it.

As a final advice, it is better to go with a dedicated host rather than a shared one. Having your own broadband pipeline removes the possibility of speed issues and outages. Technical issues can cause major problems if they occur at critical times.

More articles at http://apple-buzz.info

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Making Easy Money Online: Choosing The Right

Making Easy Money Online: Choosing The Right Sites

Set up your own site and then draw in the money while you never lift a finger! Okay, there are tons of sites and ads that are touting their ways of making easy money online- and for what? Do you think they are all as successful as they let on? If it was that easy, everyone would do it and no one would be going to work in the mornings.

But, sadly, making easy money online is not always all that easy and it can lead to not only disappointment and heartbreak but can break your bank as well. If you aren’t careful, you can quickly toss your money down a big pit, one that is hungry for all the dollars it can get.

Making easy money online should not be mistaken to mean actually “easy” money. You should have to put some effort into it. There are more than a few ways to use the Internet to make money and yes, there are some that are easier than others, but then there are those that are more difficult as well.

The ones that are making outrageous claims are the ones you have to watch out for- the ones that will have you handing over fistfuls of money because you have stars in your eyes. They are not all scams, but there are certainly some bad apples out there that you have to watch out for.

Look for reviews on the making easy money online before you pay to join. Most have community forums, threads or message boards. If you do a Google search of the site’s name, you will also see other, outside message boards.

Imagine this: some sites (like the bad ones) actually stack their forums and message boards with falsely positive site reviews. After all, if a site is promising money making abilities that it cannot deliver on, would you really be shocked that they are faking a few messages as well?

Finally, before you pay to join or participate in one of these making easy money online sites, calculate the pay back period. Say that the membership fee is five hundred bucks (there are sites that high): you earn about fifty bucks a week. Your pay back time is ten weeks. The decision is yours, is this too long to have that amount of money invested in something you are getting such a low and slow payback on?

Learn To Make Easy Money Online It is possible. At Wealthy Affiliate University you will be taught both free and paid marketing techniques that actually work.

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How To Make Money And Achieve Amazing Success In Business
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Software Easy Money | Very High Conversion

Skillful trick of the hand street magic. From Secret World of Magic, Sky One. www.alicook.com
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Question by Bob McBob: What are some easy ways for a kid to make money?
I need to know some ways I can make easy money.
I don’t want some of the usual answers like “mow lawns” or “walk dogs.” I want something different.

Best answer:

Answer by NOBAMA no muslims allowed!
k, i am 13 years old, and i have a job, like a minimum wage job.
i live in a really samll town. 5,000 population.
so we have like really small businesses, where basicly if u no wat ur doing, u can get a job at ANY age, but it has to be like a small business, not like one of those big ones.

it all depends on where u live….

What do you think? Answer below!

Choosing a Shared Web Host

Choosing a Shared Web Host

Nowadays, cheap services do not necessarily mean poor quality. In the area of web hosting, for example, consumers can avail of the services of a shared web host without having to pay a considerable amount in fees. But how can one determine a good web host? Here are some of the qualities you should look for in a shared web host.

Offers Scalable Solutions

An ideal shared web host should be able to cater to the growing demands of your business or site. It should offer features that allow you to upgrade and accommodate increases in bandwidth. Of course, as your site becomes more complex, your shared web host should be able to provide multimedia streaming, database support and server-side scripting.

Provides Excellent Tech Support

The most important feature of a shared web host is being able to provide excellent technical support services. The web host should be available day and night to address technical problems. In addition to this, experience and expertise should be evident especially among the system administrators. They should be able to address issues promptly and accurately.

Boasts of Quality Server Technology

Make sure you choose a shared web host that is up to speed when it comes to server technology. Having excellent quality technology is very crucial if the web host needs to accommodate a large number of users.

There are a lot of shared web hosting providers in the market today, all claiming that they can provide excellent web hosting services. But if you want a great shared web host, you should only trust The Magic Host (www.themagichost.com). Considered to be one of the leading web host providers in the United States, The Magic Host can provide individuals and businesses with excellent quality web hosting services. Users will be delighted with the wide range of web hosting packages, with prices ranging from as low as .50 to as much as 4 a month.

Customers can choose from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting packages. There is also several available datacenters located in Central/West/East USA, Japan and Germany. Of course, among the three packages, users with tight budgets will be delighted with the Shared hosting package. As a shared web host, The Magic Host offers its clients with free setup and domain name. The shared web hosting package also includes shared SSL as well as full management features. Choices of operating system include Windows, Linux, Oracle and FreeBSD.

And because The Magic Host knows how important excellent customer service is, customers will also be provided with round-the-clock technical support by certified engineers. There is also a dedicated Personal Account Manager that will ensure that your account is managed and well-taken cared of.

A shared web host should be able to provide you with all these services at an affordable cost. You can choose to compare prices but it would be difficult to find a provider that guarantees these features. If you want more information about the services that The Magic Host offers, simply visit their website.

The Magic Host is a total web hosting solutions provider. Visit our online resource center now to get free access to information on and web host . and and shared host .

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Annualy - Shared web Hosting / USA / cPanel / Cloudlinux / Pro Feautures

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Canadian Shared Web Hosting
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